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Aim Right MinistriesOften adults are asked about the most influential experiences of their youth; the experiences that helped them become who they are today. Most people are unlikely to respond with descriptions of time spent in school. More likely, they think about their lives outside of school. The woods they explored with neighborhood kids, the youth worker at church who encouraged them to dream, that time they had a big role in the school play, the teacher who tutored them after school and came to their basketball game.

People, places and activities: these are the building blocks of development.

Aim RightThe goal of Aim Right Ministries is to create positive experiences that will engage youth and provide them with a positive direction for their lives. Our ministry works to build coping skills, increase time spent in healthy activities, enhance positive social support, and impact youth for Jesus Christ. Through these programs, we give kids the courage and confidence to make positive choices concerning substance abuse and gang involvement. Additional outcomes are decreased high-risk behaviors (depression, anger, and suicide), increased school achievement, and ongoing success in life. Currently, over 150 youth and children are involved in at least one program on a weekly basis. This continual involvement and dedication is a key to making a lasting impact on their lives.

Positivity Established in 1991, Aim Right Ministries provides afterschool recreational activities, educational tutoring, and moral/spiritual training for at risk youth and children living in central Phoenix.


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