Wildlife World Zoo Outing

This post is by our intern Kegan Yoder.  Thanks, Kegan!

On November 23rd, Aleisha and I took two children to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in Litchfield, AZ.  We have gotten to know these children through their participation in our Kids Club program, and wanted to do something special for them.  Since they had never been to the zoo, we decided that spending an afternoon looking at animals could be both fun and educational.
While we found all aspects of the zoo exhibits to be interesting, major highlights from our day include the giraffe feeding station, aquarium, and walk-in aviary.  At the giraffe exhibit the kids were too shy to hand-feed the giraffes themselves, but we all had fun watching other people do it.  Since the kids had only seen giraffes in pictures, they were ecstatic about getting within hand’s reach of the creatures.
The aquarium provided another new experience for the kids.  From sharks, to stingrays, to pufferfish, and many other creatures between, the aquarium was home to unique specimens that the kids had never seen before.  They loved slowly walking through the aquarium and taking in all of the sights it had to offer.
My favorite part of the day was spending time in the walk-in aviary. When we entered the enclosed area, we held pieces of apples in our hands, attracting the parakeets to us.  A couple perched on my arm, while one even made itself  comfortable on one of the kid’s head!  Aleisha and I thoroughly enjoyed showing the kids around the zoo, and it was made even more fun because it was their first time ever going. 

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