What Are You Afraid Of?

If you asked a roomful of teens what they’re afraid of, how do you think they would respond? If you asked them to write down a prayer request about a hard or scary reality in their life, what would they write about?

If they’re really honest, they might let you know that they’re scared of being bullied at school, that they dread going on to high school, that they want better grades and relationships with their teachers.

They want to say yes to God, to get back to a close relationship with Him. They want to know to know that there is hope even if a mom or dad or brother are locked up. These are some of the prayer requests teens wrote down on Friday evening.

This teen bravely took on the “mystery can” challenge and put her arm down the can to discover it contained….

OATMEAL! (How scary is that!)

Other teens got “mystery cans” that appeared to be soda pop cans. To drink or not to drink??? Hmmm….

After the teaching time by Caleb, the painting table was a popular spot to engage in something creative.

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