VBS Week

As  we wrap up our first week of VBS we are a bit exhausted. Exhausted  and very sweaty….yes…sweaty do to an extremely hot summer week of 120 degrees that does our facility’s swamp cooler NO justice. BUT!! Can you imagine how many hearts we have touched for Jesus all this week? Our little ones will remember this week as a fun enjoyable experience where they learned more about their creator. ALL WORTH IT 100%!!!

Planting those little seeds this week we were very fortunate to have a youth group from Dayspring Mennonite Church from a far far away land called Midland, Virginia. They were very engaging and amazing to watch as they connected with our kiddos. We can not thank them enough for their support, help, and caring hearts that lead them here. They made VBS TWICE more fun and gave us a special encouragement with their presence and energy. We are only sorry that they came out in the smacking middle of this heat wave. On the plus side.. they now know you can cook an egg on our side walks. Who’s hungry?? Just kidding! Don’t grab your plate!

It has been an amazing week and we couldn’t be happier. Everything turned out for the good of our Lord. Extending our hearts out and putting in time, effort, and lots of sweat for the spiritual growth we long for our youth to mimic. We are thankful for our interns and volunteers who also helped extremely. We strive for generational transformation and this is a prime example of what it takes to get there.

Whole group picture at the end of the night. 

Group Radar. All kiddos stayed in the same group for the entire week. Nice way to get to know someone. 

Group Mawtha

Group Sal

Group Ray

Group Olivia

After coming off the bus everyone went to their groups. 

Dayspring Mennonite Volunteers put on a daily skit. 

Deep Bible Quest room filled kids with how God works. 

Ice, water and vapor. Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. 

You really have to be careful here. Dont want to fall in the ocean. 

Kid Vid Cinema

Cool ways to hand over verse of the day.

It’s safe to say that every one loved snack time. 

Imagination  Station was full of awesome crafts.

Spelunker Sports and Games

Kids got to teach Dayspring group their favorite super hero song.

On the way out. Kids loved the bridge.

A SUPER BIG THANKS to this group for coming out to PHX! 
Prayer Request: 
– Blessings of safety over Dayspring Mennonite Church as they head home. 
– For our volunteers to have a relax full week ahead and to get recharged for our next VBS the following week. 

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