The Art of Pottery

Our teen girls got to experience the art of pottery making with Phoenix Center for the Arts. Dora, Jessi and Paige made it out to our Aim Right downtown location through their Arizona Art Mobile van where they come to your own location and spread their knowledge on pottery making.

Dora taught the class on how to create a bowl out of air dry clay just like the Native Americans use to do it thousands of years ago. She instructed that no one should touch others pottery creations as we work because they are each uniquely made just like they should be. Not one looked the same but had their own particular style though we were all making the same thing. These bowls will be air dried and painted. They will not use them to contain any liquids for they where not glazed or baked but to use as jewelry bowls. In all, the girls had a great time learning a new skill.

Thank you Phoenix Center for the Arts for coming down to our Downtown location and providing a class to our teen girls.

Thank you ladies for coming out!!!

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