Teen Night 9.11.09

Teen Night kicked off Friday evening with a brief group session and then an evening of snacks and games. This year, Caleb Reed (former intern ’04-’05) is the man-in-charge. Despite his lingering affection for…ahem… another state’s sports team, we’re blessed to have Caleb and his wife Stephanie volunteering at Aim Right. They moved to Phoenix from Ohio last fall and have been serving in various capacities ever since….loving youth, teaching youth, and building relationships with youth.


About 35 teens attended the first Teen Night.

After the group session, there was an exciting game of Uno goin’ down in the Rec room. I’m not sure if “exciting” and “Uno” belong together, but I’ll let you make that call.

And, some horsing around going on outside. Those young guys always think they can get by with picking on the director. Not for long…

A community worker recently told me that there are two incentives he uses to entice parents to attend school meetings. He either (1) gives something away or (2) offers free food. Well, at Teen Night, it’s all about free food, and the hotter the better! Maybe they don’t make Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or Lay’s in your neck of the woods, but they’ve become one of the four food groups here.

Good friends make for happy times!

This cute little guy didn’t get the memo that this event is called Teen Night, but he was so well-behaved that we made an age exception and let him participate in the teen activities anyway. He made sure those Uno players followed the rules.

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