Slip-n-Slide 101

There are a few essentials to building a slip-n-slide.

1. You need water (from a hose works best).
2. You need dish soap (go for the big dude you bought at Sam’s Club).
3. You need someone to manage the hose and the soap. Here is Peanut Butter doing a superb job, although he got a little distracted and turned the hose on himself. It’s all about lookin’ good while you’re workin,’ I guess.

You pour that water and soap all over a large tarp, and then you go down Pierce and Garfield and McKinley and Roosevelt (think streets, not Presidents) and invite smiling faces who look like they want to get wet.
Then, the slippin’ and slidin’ begins!
Of course, there was ONE of these being passed around. As you can see, it caused a bit of contention at times. “Give me that! It’s MY turn!!!”

And what boy could resist pointing that thing towards the first dry girl he sees?

I’ll end this post with a helpful hint if you’re brave enough to try this at home. You really need to regulate the dish soap to water ratio, or you may have children who look like this:

At least we’ll be sending him home smelling like Palmolive!

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