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Celebrating the Journey

Celebrating the Journey to us means that we get to look back on the journey God has placed us through and celebrate the lives touched by Him with our ministry. We came together this past Saturday to do just that. Sharing powerful testimonies from a few of our teens whom we have helped mold into…


Hello world!

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Use the hashtag Fall Festival 2017 on IG and you’ll notice a whole lot going on but…. not all as cool as ours! Our Fall Festivities are always the kids favorite. It’s a fun day for our Kingdom Kids to enjoy the night with their families. We invite them in advance to make sure they…


Hiking the Grand Canyon

Hiking this massive canyon takes dedication. Caleb led his team of interns to hiking one of Phoenix’s hardest mountains in preparation for the real deal. Carle and Kegan had the opportunity to do so. Our amazing interns are given the chance to remove this off their bucket list! Here’s a brief description in the eyes…


Rise Up Camp 2017

Picture this. Staff. Volunteers. Teens everywhere. Aim Right Downtown. Excitement. Bag checks…check again….no electronics… ☑. The excitement from the long trip ahead, 10 plus hours of full blown road trip. Yes! Headed to crisp fresh air from pine trees all around in beautiful Circle K Ranch in Colorado. We do not allow phones or electronics…


VBS with United Bethel

We’ve wrapped up two full weeks of VBS and lets be honest…we did not want it to end. The last day is always full of joy because these kids REALLY enjoyed it! Who wouldn’t want a scenery of our awesome paper caves every day for two hours? Why on earth cant we do this every…


VBS Week

As  we wrap up our first week of VBS we are a bit exhausted. Exhausted  and very sweaty….yes…sweaty do to an extremely hot summer week of 120 degrees that does our facility’s swamp cooler NO justice. BUT!! Can you imagine how many hearts we have touched for Jesus all this week? Our little ones will…



It’s been quite a few since you guys set your eyes on one of our blogs. The good news is that, here at Aim Right, we have been extremely busy. Here’s a recap of what’s been going on. BBQ Dinner FundraiserWe had a great time welcoming you all to our BBQ Dinner at Trinity Mennonite.…


Newsletter Spring 2017

We are centered in transforming our generations.  When you are in the business of helping others, CHANGE, can be a GOOD thing, specially when it comes to our generations.  Our programs have allowed us to engage with our youth, gain their trust and really show them the love of God. Watching them grow and decide to…


Community Dinner at Aim Right North!

Aim Right North has been around for a few years now. We have served the Sunny Slope Community spreading the Gospel and making an impact with the youth. With this comes loud evenings of fun activities. Pastor Chris King, volunteer, has organized a dinner for the families as a form of Thanks for allowing us…



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