Needed: Fry’s shoppers!

Grocery shopping is something most of us have to do–like it or not–but now there’s a way to know that your grocery purchase will be used to help a great cause as well — reaching at-risk youth with the hope of Jesus!

Fry’s recently introduced Fry’s Community Rewards, a program that enables you to link your VIP card (that card the clerk asks you to scan to apply discounts when you check out) with a non-profit organization. Once the two are linked, the non-profit receives a portion of your purchase when you shop and use your VIP card. The program replaces Fry’s former rewards system, which utilized Fry’s gift cards.


Since Aim Right is already a participant in the Fry’s rewards program, all you need to do is register your VIP card online, link it with Aim Right, and then shop as usual. The link to Fry’s website is listed below, as well as step-by-step instructions if you should need them.

To get started and link your VIP card, go to:


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Choose “Enroll Now” (hot pink button).
2. Sign in if you already have a Fry’s account, or click on the large blue type “Get Started. Sign up today.”
3. Enter the info. requested and click “Create account.”
4. Add your VIP card number (typically on the back of the card by the bar code).
5. Go to “Community Rewards,” enter your personal info., and save.
6. In “Find your organization,” type “Aim Right,” select, and save.
7. Follow the instructions in your e-mail to activate your account.

That’s it! Use your VIP card when you shop, and Aim Right will receive a benefit.

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