Most Successful Camp Yet!

Aim Right teen camp of 2018 went down in history as the best camp ever! 
We took a group of about 50 people, 31 of those being teens, back to the beautiful mountains of Dolores, Colorado to spend a week filled with lots of fun activities! 
Our days consisted of activities such as tubing down the cold river, hiking down steep mountains, and riding the trails on horses. Camp is a time were we push each other to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. This year I was proud of my cabin for doing just that! We were fed 14 delicious meals…some of us might have gained a few extra pounds. ????
So it sounds like just another week of camp right? Nope! This was the BEST week. Why? June 5th of 2018 the angels were having a big party because 31 teens gave or rededicated their life to JESUS! It was so beautiful seeing the desire these kids had to want to know more about Him. Did I mention this was only the second night of camp?? Wow, right? My favorite thing Caleb said Wednesday morning for staff meeting was “I don’t know what to speak about in chapel now”. But it was all cool, the rest of the week we were able to help prepare them for going back to their home situations. 
Something I learned personally was that Prayer is a POWERFUL thing. Two years ago when I was a camp counselor, at the end of the week I walked away and told Caleb “never again do I want to be a counselor!” I went back last year to be the photographer and then this year I said yes to being a counselor again. Before I went, I knew I needed to prepare myself Spiritually for the week of camp. I spent a lot of time praying for camp, my girls, the staff, and for God’s presence. At camp whenever the girls would come to me with a situation we would talk about it and  then end with prayer asking God what they should do about it. It was awesome to watch the girls by the end of the week stepping up and asking to pray for the things that were going on. 
I will definitely be going back next year to be a counselor again! Because Aim Right camps are there not only to help teens, but it’s a time of growing for the staff as well.  – Aleisha Boley, Camp Counselor, previous Intern

Camps Logo this year has a meaning behind it: Looking down at a paint can, as the can represents our life, the brush is laying on top of the can representing that He’s not finished with us yet, and the paint on the inside is being brushed on the outside representing that we are his masterpiece. Using Ephesians 2:10.

Aim Right Bus has served us well, but this year we had to leave it behind and tow it back to Phoenix. Renting a few vans to take teens home. 

“Chapel was the highlight of the week. Campers really seemed to unite together. It felt like family” – Ann Roby

The painter was a wrangler at camp who volunteered to create these beauties for us while we worshiped. Such an amazing experience for our campers. She used mostly her fingers to paint. 

Campers of the year! For showing Godly leadership and kindness.

Let the games begin! 

Our teens got to experience a Rodeo. They were able to sign up for different competitions like: ride a horse in a barrel race, grabbing a flag off a barrel while horseback riding along with balancing an egg on a spoon. 

Tubing!! Shallow waters didn’t stop us!!

The goal was to throw as many cheeseballs to the face full of shaving cream. Cheeseballs not pictured. LOL

Aleisha and her group. So glad she decided to become a counselor this year. 🙂 

Who can build the highest structure? Our teens can! 

Connect 4 Anyone? 

Small groups were essential. 🙂

Campers were given canvases to paint what God was speaking to them.

Trip down to Telluride riding the gondolas.

Thank You to all who were able to sponsor a teen this year. And to all our staff! We couldn’t of done it with out you!! ????
Please help us pray over our teens as they settle back home. 

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