Meet the Interns: Kari

Q and A with Kari Miller

Countries you’ve visited: Nicaragua, Thailand, Canada
Number of siblings: 2 brothers
Born in: Millersburg, OH
One thing you like about your home church: Feels like a family
Why you decided to become an intern: Wanted to work with inner-city kids
Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate
Team sports you’ve played: Volleyball
Hobbies and interests: Reading, history, socializing
A pet peeve: People who seem ingenuine
Person you admire: Mother Teresa…her life was sincere and full of sacrifice for others
If money wasn’t an issue, you’d be driving a: Motorized scooter
You’d be excited to receive a gift card to: Any shoe store
Some you miss about home: Fall smells
Favorite book in the Bible: Ephesians
School subject you liked the least: Science
Today’s children and youth are searching for: Affirmation, love, and acceptance
Motivation to serve Christ with your life: When I see how many people desperately need Him
Book reader or movie watcher: Book reader
Toppings on your pizza: Pepperoni and banana peppers
Languages you speak: English, Dutch, Spanish
Favorite season: Summer
Your breakfast this morning: Kashi Heart to Heart, chocolate chip cookie, and coffee
Famous athlete you’d like to meet: Yan Gomes
What you’d tell someone who is considering being an intern: Pray about it, think about it, be open to God’s direction
Best place you’ve eaten in Phoenix so far: Arribas

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