Kids Club Rally

“Ro the Ref” led an exciting Rally for Kids Club yesterday evening.
The evening had a contest theme, with boys competing against the girls.  In preparation for the Super Bowl (you know…just in case the teams need some last minute players), Ro organized a throw-the-football-through-the-hula-hoop game.
Then there was a Kool-Aid chugging contest. 
And intense Bible trivia to review some of the past lessons!
The girls finally pulled ahead to beat the boys — by one point. 
Finally, here is a video of some energetic Kids Club singing.  Towards the end, you can see one of the older boys go up to the front to try to “straighten out” one of the younger boys.  This older boy has taken it upon himself to be the Get-Up-and-Sing ambassador for the boys’ side, and he’s usually successful in encouraging the sluggish ones to get up and sing.

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