Just Passing Through

In his words:

I’m just passing through,
Another traveler on the road,
And I hear Your gentle voice
As it beckons me home.

Should I want to settle here
Like I know I’m bound to do,
Keep reminding me, Lord,
That I’m just passing through.

Jason Mitchener, friend of the ministry and Aim Right’s website designer, concluded his passage here on December 16, 2009. He is now Home.

Despite many physical limitations, Jason lived fully as an author, songwriter, speaker, digital artist, and follower of Jesus. Since he was unable to use his arms, Jason used a stick in his mouth to tap on his keyboard to write books and music and do web design.

Jason’s brother Greg has created a beautiful online memorial tribute to Jason that you can visit here:

Memorial Tribute

Also, you can read more about Jason’s amazing testimony and life on his website:

Jason’s Website

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