Introducing: Amy Yoder

Crazy kiddos don’t phase our newest intern. From Grantsville, Maryland, Amy Yoder is right at home in the middle of these energetic youngsters!

Here are a few Q & A’s with Amy:

  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Can’t pick just one (I love all ice cream)
  • Least favorite job you’ve had: Cleaning 20-some bathrooms a day
  • Something your mom & dad taught you: Respect for those in authority
  • A good book you’ve read recently: Skin by Ted Dekker (read it in about 7 hours on my way home from Florida)
  • Favorite season: Summer!!
  • Why you decided to become an intern: I felt God was leading me here, and I love kids and the sun.
  • A Bible character you want to be like: Joseph, because no matter what situation he was in, he made the best of it
  • Your favorite store to buy clothes: Aeropostale
  • You can choose 4 toppings for a pizza. What are they? Sweet peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, ham

If you want to bless Amy as she begins her internship, I am sure she would be delighted with gift cards for pizza or ice cream or Aeropostale. Just make sure the ice cream one is a hefty sum so she can sample all the flavors!

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