Friday Interviews

I wandered down to our Rec Center and then outdoors to interview some of the kiddos who are here for our Rec Center hours.  As a bonus, I got a hug from a little guy and a glimpse of an octopus dish some youth were eating like walking tacos. Apparently $5 to the street vendor is the key to securing such a delicacy!

I like coming to Aim Right because…

  • it’s fun.
  • you get to learn about God.

My favorite thing about Aim Right is…

  • playing and friends.
  • that I get food here.
  • that you don’t have to pay.
  • that you get to worship and sing songs.
  • all my friends come here.

At Aim Right, I learned…

  • not to say bad words and to always have fun.
  • that God never breaks a promise.
  • that the Bible is the most important book.

I love coming to Aim Right to…

  • hang out with friends.
  • see my friends.

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