I hereby give consent for my child to attend any event sponsored by Aim Right Ministries from June 1, 2024 - June 2, 2025.
I give Aim Right Ministries consent to use photo or other digital reproduction of my child for publication processes, whether electronic, print, digital or electronic via the Internet.
I release Aim Right Ministries and any of its designees of all responsibility and liability both physical and financial in case of an illness, accident, or other misfortune.
I hereby grant permission for my child to receive medical treatment by a licensed provider in case of a medical emergency.  
I hereby understand that Aim Right Ministries cannot be held responsible for any personal property that is lost or stolen while attending events sponsored by Aim Right Ministries.
I hereby understand that as a parent or guardian, I will be responsible for any expense that may occur as a result of my child’s misconduct.  I also authorize the Aim Right Staff to search any belongings my child may bring if the situation warrants this measure.
 I understand that Aim Right Ministries will suspend my child from events for any actions endangering other students including but not limited to bullying, verbal abuse and taunting, unwanted physical contact, and disrespect of Aim Right staff and volunteers.
I understand that all transportation will be provided by one or more of the following: (1) personal vehicle driven by Aim Right Ministries staff or volunteer, (2) rented van driven by Aim Right Ministries staff or volunteer, or (3) chartered bus.