First Kids Klub

Opening night of Kids Klub brought lots of…..

Wow, Joel is fitting in quite well already!

On Tuesday afternoon, we visited our routine Kids Klub attenders from last year, as well as several new children who attended VBS this summer, and invited them to Kids Klub. And then we tried to formulate a plan to transport about 75 potential kids using one van and three cars. Somehow, it all worked out, because the auditorium was filled with nearly 70 kids Wednesday evening. Some of them did walk or were brought by their parents.

Ro planned several no-hands eating contests. Here the kids were eating cream-filled chocolate cakes. The winner was the person who came up with an empty plate and an empty mouth first.

The new interns were initiated, although Ro was kind enough to warn them ahead of time that there would be messy food involved. Ro covered two plates of Whoppers with whipped cream.

And then Joel and Kelsi had to transfer Whoppers onto another pie plate, using only their mouths, of course!
I don’t remember who won, but they both got pretty messy!

Next week will be Kids Klub classes, with children divided into rooms by grade to hear a Bible story and participate in other activities. Please pray that God will work in many children’s hearts this fall!

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