Use the hashtag Fall Festival 2017 on IG and you’ll notice a whole lot going on but…. not all as cool as ours! Our Fall Festivities are always the kids favorite. It’s a fun day for our Kingdom Kids to enjoy the night with their families. We invite them in advance to make sure they don’t miss it.
Passersby who see us set-up stop and ask what’s going on. FREE HOT DOGS AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

During set-up Caleb, our Ministry Director, gathered our volunteers to pray for the night and to remind us why we do what we do. Reaching our community and gifting them with a good time. To remind them that we are here for the youth of Phx! This title could be 15th Annual Fall Festival or so…we lost count. Oops! You get the point! We are here!
Something cool is watching our teen volunteers that were actually a part of Kingdom Kids (was Kids Club) get involved in what they use to enjoy as young kids. They are growing into young adults before our eyes and in helping they get to see how important it is to reach out.
“My husband played a clown 14 years ago for Aim Right’s Fall Festival, that’s when I fell in love with him hahahaha!” – Delia C. jokes about her husband whom Aim Right helped mold him into the person he is today and which is still involved with Aim Right.

We are sending a very special THANK YOU to all our volunteers who took the time to come out and lend a helping hand. We appreciate you!!! ????
Please enjoy our featured pictures of this years Fall Festival and may your day today be merry and very bright! ????

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