Overheard at Guys Bible Study 2.9.09

“Is that the blas-sesame thing?”
(teen’s question in response to the topic of speaking against the Holy Spirit)

– – – – – – – –

“I don’t know, but I’m a big fruit!”
(response of a teen to the question, “Are you showing good fruit?”

Peanut Butter (responsible for the big fruit comment) and Wally
Note: Peanut Butter’s real name is Jesus; he has a twin brother Angel who was nicknamed “Jelly” (because of the gel part of his name) at Aim Right’s Teen Camp. Later, when “Jelly” began to bring his twin to Aim Right functions, Jesus became known as “Peanut Butter.” They are as fun as their nicknames imply, and we hope they’ll stick around for years to come!

– – – – – – – –

Last night’s study was from Matthew 12. Keith led the discussion, and the guys learned that:

1. You are either for Jesus or against Him. There is no neutral ground in being a Christian. When you make a decision to be a follower of Christ, it has to be at all times, not just at church or when it’s convenient.

2. Acts of sin such as cussing, smoking, and other addictions are heart issues, and God will work on those with the individual. We need to be loving in how we address our friends and brothers about such issues.

Special thanks to Wally for his contribution to this post!

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