No photos tonight, just a few random thoughts:

Some of the kids are quite funny as they try to recall the week’s Bible stories. More than one story involved a boat and a fire, and I think they have some difficulty keeping them straight!

“I’m gonna miss these kids.” — Said by quite a few New Yorkers.

It is hot here.

Tonight I loaned my pen to a student so that she and her leader could exchange phone numbers. They hugged for a long time, too.

A hug and then “Good-bye! I’ll see you next year, right?” Said by little tyke to bus driver Darrell. [I joked to Darrell that now that he’s finally learned the route, he’s leaving us!]

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drench — a variation of Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose that the younger class played tonight. It involved a cup and a bucket of water. They loved it!

Messiah, Francisco, Jessica, Armando, Carmen, Ernesto, Julissa, Gladys — just a few of the names of students.

Did I mention that it is hot here?

I’ve not done a very good job of learning names, and tonight I just yelled “Hey, Skinhead!” Turns out his name is Dan.

I believe we’ve seen police cars in the Projects almost every evening. A person standing on the sidewalk was being handcuffed one night as we were picking up children.

The reality of this neighborhood is that the kids who live in apartment 711 might not live there next year, or even in three months. So perhaps this week of VBS was a “window” God graciously gave us to speak His truth into their lives.

Thank You, Father, for the “window” You gave us.

Even though it’s been quite a hot one.

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