Rec Center yesterday:

Kids Klub – Yesterday was “Blue Shirt” night.

Can you tell?

Throughout September and October, kids are receiving points for attendance, memory verse recitation, and theme participation. Last week’s theme was “Wristband Day,” and children were encouraged to wear the wristbands we gave them on opening night of Kids Klub. Yesterday a student informed me that -he should get 4 points — for attending, having good behavior (which we occasionally award points for), wearing a blue shirt, and wearing his wristband again!


In other news, the Mission Increase Foundation has awarded Aim Right a $15,000 Major Donor Matching Grant. Gifts of $1,000 or more before November 30, 2011, are eligible, as well as pledges of $100 or more per month over the next year. To date, nearly 25% of our goal has already been met. Praise God!

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