Impact Group moved to the balcony for a change of pace for Monday evening’s Bible study. Three old-fashioned pews plus several chairs plus a few bean bags made up the packed seating arrangement.

The question of the night was, “What is a bad habit you have?” and then two teens shared how God has been giving them victory over a habit that had ruined family relationships, caused their grades at school to plummet, and kept them hanging out with the wrong crowd: smoking weed. It’s so easily accessible in the neighborhood (and at school), and there’s a lot of pressure to do it. Please pray for the teens who are continually faced with that temptation. A teen broke down as he asked for help in dealing with the pressure and the ridicule when you don’t give into the peer pressure to smoke.

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This is Teen Night during Caleb’s teaching session on Friday evening — a poor photo, but I’ve found that flash photography is just too distracting for a room full of youth!

Afterwards, there were nachos and time to play basketball, ping pong, four square, etc.

And…from a recent Kids Klub: a skit about Samson.

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