This morning I (Amy) am blogging from Oklahoma. It was 11 days ago that I called my mom’s cell phone on a Saturday afternoon, expecting to have our usual weekend phone chat. My brother answered the phone, which was odd in itself, but it was his words that shocked me to the core: “Dad just died. Dad is gone.” After confirming that this was not a joke and gathering a few more details about the accidental death, I began to act upon my brother’s plea: “Buy a plane ticket and get home as fast as you can.”

The rest has been a bit of a whirlwind — hurriedly packing, boarding a plane, planning a funeral, writing an obituary, choosing a gravestone, and helping Mom wade through a myriad of legal and financial details.

Some of the most precious cards I’ve received are from the Aim Right family. Several teens who attended Impact Group on Feb. 13th made hand-made cards with reminders like “Just know God is with you” …… “I pray for you every day” …… “God will not leave you alone” ……“We all love you and care about you.” And I can’t forget the group of Aim Right’ers that traveled many, many hours in a van to attend the service!

Through this hard time, God has been surrounding my family with His comfort and love through His beautiful people. Thank you for your prayers!

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