A faulty Internet connection in Colorado hindered on-site posting of camp updates last week, but as I have been hearing God-stories from the week, it is clear that His powerful work in hearts was unhindered!  The theme was “Healing a Wounded Heart,” and many hearts were cleansed, renewed, and forgiven.  Here are some teens’ perspectives about camp:

“[Camp] really helped me figure out that God was really real.  I always really believed but now more.”

“I finally accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.”

“He has showed me that He loves me no matter what and washed my sins away.”

“God has healed my heart by being by my side and having all the people here that love us.”

“We witnessed God perform a miracle and save my friend.”

“Being in this camp changed my heart and my life.  I couldn’t go without the computer and the TV for a day, but since I came here, I didn’t use anything.”

“Thank you….for letting me have this experience away from my troubles and struggles in the city.”

A pivotal moment of the week occurred Wednesday evening, following chapel, when a young man who had been praying with a counselor became unresponsive.  Aim Right was blessed to have 2 nurses on staff this year who quickly came to assess and be with the teen until paramedics arrived.  In the meantime, word spread among the campers, and they began to gather in groups to pray, many unable to control their emotions as they lifted up heartfelt intercession for their fellow camper.

God answered their prayers.  The diagnosis at the hospital was “esophageal spasm,” and the young man was able to come back to camp and finish out the week without any complications. 

And now that he’s back in Phoenix? Well, he wants to write a worship song.  I imagine that is a song that the One who has healed his heart will be delighted to hear!

P.S.  I will soon be sorting through the 500-ish images Sandi captured during camp week.  Then will begin the fun of posting them here for you!

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