2010 Auction

Here are just a few auction highlights in photo form. It takes many volunteers to make auction day go smoothly, and regretfully, I didn’t get photos of them all.

Auction Cashiers – Hilda, Andrea, & Stephanie
(with Ro and Delia there for moral support)

Burger Griller – Arlis Unrau from Pryor, OK

Bake Sale Crew – Emily Chupp (intern)
Kelsi Burkholder and Crystal Cross from IN

Chicken Griller – Kevin Hudson, Phoenix

Auctioneer – Steve Cross, IN

Mo Miller (IN) and Chuck Reed (OH) also assisted with the auction.

The highest auction item, a “Puff Quilt” made by Ida Anna Miller of Phoenix, sold for $2,100. It’s pictured below, the second quilt from the left. The proceeds from that quilt and other items will be used to make Aim Right’s final mortgage payment on the property. Praise God that He’s provided the means for us to reach that milestone!

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