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Growing MissionAmerica’s mission field is among its youth. According to current research, only 4 percent of the 33 million youth in their teen years claim to be Bible-believing Christians. What would it be like to grow up with 96 percent of your peers not caring about the Bible?

This is a crisis that demands an immediate response from us! It demands our response because our youth are engaged in a spiritual war that is about to consume an entire generation. As George Barna says, “One of the greatest victories won by God’s enemy has been the ability to convince most people—even most Christians—that there is no war being waged, so we might as well relax, feel good, and enjoy life.”

Negative Media


This spiritual warfare takes the forms of, among many things, unrealistic expectations, negative messages, media saturation, a sexualized culture, and point-and-click pornography. Youth are drenched and saturated by the media influence of radio, television, and the internet. Between watching television and surfing the internet, today’s youth spend between 35 to 55 hours per week “plugged in.” Quoting Josh McDowell, “This is the first generation in the history of the world to be more influenced outside than inside the home.”

Mission FieldMuch of what youth are listening to and watching is highly sexualized. Did you know that during one hour of traditional “family” programming, a sexual innuendo will surface 6.7 times? MTV, the most watched network by youth, serves up soft porn images to its viewers 3,000 times per week. Added to this full-scale assault is point-and-click pornography, with the typical age of first internet pornography exposure at 11 years old. Ninety percent of all 8 to 16 year olds have viewed porn online, typically while doing homework.

I believe one of the most obvious and greatest missions of the church today is among the youth of its community. There is hope for this generation and the generations that follow. You and I have the privilege and responsibility to reach this generation with the hope of the Gospel. Will you rise to the challenge to reach this generation?

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