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From Crime-Central to Christ-Central
Over the years at the corner of 13th and Roosevelt

In 1998, God provided gifts and loans to purchase an abandoned 5,000 square foot church building along with a 4-bedroom house and several vacant lots, with plenty of space to accommodate the needs of the ministry.


Crossroads 1997


The property quickly became a large work project, but numerous volunteers pitched in to remove trash, paint walls, replace 50-odd windows, and refinish floors. At the time of purchase, the location was recognized by local police as one of the ten highest crime properties in the area, with crimes ranging from drug dealing to prostitution.



Aim Right Ministries


Today that property is no longer defined by the number of crimes committed, but by the number of youth in the community whose lives are committed to Jesus. Praise be to God!



Bringing Hope to Sunnyslope

SunnyslopeSunnyslope is a typical Phoenix neighborhood, in that it has your below-poverty level families, and trash-littered, graffiti-filled parks; but, Sunnyslope also has your above-average income families who live in what the kids call "castles" on the mountainsides. The Sunnyslope we know has eight family members living in a two-bedroom house. It has children raised by their grandparents who have now passed away, leaving them alone. It has children whose parents leave before they are awake to go to work and come home long after they are sleeping. The needs are so evident you do not have to ask, you have only to give and give again. 

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