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Many of the youth we serve live in single-parent homes. These homes often have five or more people sharing one or two bedrooms. Others live in substandard housing in someone else's backyard. Most of the youth are Hispanic. A smaller percentage are African-American. Less than five percent of the youth have parents that attend church.

Gang PreventionMany of these youth are left to themselves to make their own meals and provide their own entertainment. As a result many just wander the streets looking for something to do, which usually ends up in negative behaviors.

The achievement gap—the differences in school performance between rich and poor children, between children in affluent communities and those living in poor communities, and between white children, African American and Latino children—persists.

No single factor causes the achievement gap. It is a result of complex individual, familial, neighborhood, and societal circumstances. Many of the circumstances linked to poor achievement—low expectations by teachers, students’ alienation from the school environment, lack of enrichment activities, weak social networks, and poor quality education — may be ameliorated, at least in part, through participation in afterschool programs. Reginald Clark, a prominent researcher in the field, suggests “we can accurately predict a youngster’s success or failure in school by finding out whether or not he or she typically spends approximately 20 to 35 hours a week…engaging in constructive learning activity.”

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