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Teen Night

Teen NightFriday evenings at 6:30, staff and volunteers begin to pick up youth, ages 13 and up, from the Garfield Neighborhood, nearby City of Phoenix housing projects, and neighboring communities for Teen Night. The objectives of Teen Night are:

  1. To introduce inner-city teens to relevant Truth through the person and work of Jesus Christ
  2. To provide a safe, secure and loving place where teens living in the inner city can hang out with their friends
  3. To give these same teens access to mentors and positive role models through our staff and volunteers
  4. Have fun!

Teen NightWe show these youth an alternative to constantly living in anger, fear and hopelessness. In trying to cope with these negative emotions, the majority of inner city teens turn to substance abuse, gang involvement, and rebelling against all types of authority. Through Teen Night they can know there is another way.

Most who come to Teen Night do not attend any type of church. For many, the first time they come to Teen Night is the first time they hear and understand what being a follower of Jesus is all about.

The Teen Night program runs year round except for several weeks which are taken off during the summer. Every month we have 2-3 weeks of educational and spiritual input and 1-2 weeks of various recreational activities. Teen Night starts at 7:30pm and normally ends by 10 pm.

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