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SunnyslopeSunnyslope is a typical Phoenix neighborhood, in that it has your below-poverty level families, and trash-littered, graffiti-filled parks; but, Sunnyslope also has your above-average income families who live in what the kids call "castles" on the mountainsides. The Sunnyslope we know has eight family members living in a two-bedroom house. It has children raised by their grandparents who have now passed away, leaving them alone. It has children whose parents leave before they are awake to go to work and come home long after they are sleeping. The needs are so evident you do not have to ask, you have only to give and give again. 


SunnyslopeGiving of our time is the main way we minister and help these families.  Every time we stop in at one families house we are instantly surrounded by about 3-4 little girls wanting to show the latest picture they colored or wondering where we are going, and can they, “please, please,” go too?!  We interact with these kids on a weekly basis picking them up in a big-blue van every Wednesday evening for Kids Church.  It does not seem like enough; we are hoping to continue to connect with them by taking them on fun outings to not only broaden their experiences but also provide mentorship and friendship.

Teens in the Sunnyslope area that we interact with generally have not experienced life outside the city, let alone their own neighborhood, and don't know what the world has to offer them other than drugs, gangs, and violence.  If you are a teen girl, the liklihood of making it to the 12th grade without having a baby are slim to none.

Giving these teens hope is a main goal of ours.  Showing them other possibilities for their seemingly troubled lives through weekly Bible studies and Teen Nights at Aim Right.

Community Demographics

Population Density (ppl / mile) 4,912 Annual Residential Turnover 23%
Household Size (ppl) 3 5+ Years in Residency 27%
Households w/ Children 31.46 % Median Year in Residency 3

Residential Dwellings

Percent of Residential Dwellings

Population Demographics

The population of the community broken down by age group. Population Demographics

Highest Educational Level Attained

Two-thirds of residents in the Garfield community have not graduated from high school, illustrating the importance of tutoring and mentoring programs.
Highest educational level


Income by dollar range (Median: $47,879)

Garfield District Income


The Crime Index compares the risk or probability of future occurrence of certain types of crime in this community as compared to the national average. The national average for each type of crime equals a score of 1.0, so a score of 2.0 would represent twice the risk as the national average, and a score of 0.50 would represent half the risk of the national average.

Garfield Crime

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