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The purpose of Kids Klub is to provide a place where inner-city children can learn about God and where they can know and feel they are special and that they are loved. Many children today are growing up void of a properly formed conscience. We believe this is due primarily from the fact that the idea of God has been removed from their lives. In response to that, we desire to help them understand that God is very real and is very interested in their lives.

Our mission for Kids Klub is to:

  1. Love them
  2. Teach them Truth
  3. Have FUN!

Water Day at Kid's KlubChildren's actions are based largely on emotion. Thomas Armstrong, in In Their Own Way, notes that a child learns only in the presence of either negative or positive emotions. Because of the connection between learning and emotion, a child's church experience needs to include opportunities for joyful expression of emotion. A child's spiritual life cannot be separated from his or her emotions.

Children who are given opportunities to be tuned in to their emotions through children's worship, associating Christianity with joy and love, will learn to be spiritually responsive. Therefore, the church needs to nourish children through a "feeling" kind of ministry, in which children learn biblical concepts in an emotionally positive environment. The facts and the emotions work together to teach a consistent message.

Kid's Klub Volunteer

Kids Klub is taught by volunteers and interns who lovingly give of their time each and every week. The club meets once a week for approximately 2 hours through the months of September - June. The average attendance of each Kids Klub night ranges from 40-80. The ages of the children involved are 5-12. Once they turn 13 they are then invited to participate in our Teen Night program. A vital key to the success of these clubs is the continual and consistent contact we are able to have with the children over a period of not only months, but years. Currently there are teenagers starting to attend Teen Night who started out in one of our clubs when they were 5 and 6 years old.

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