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Ministry InternsThe Ministry Intern Program of Aim Right Ministries is a hands-on program to train and equip persons to fulfill the Great Commission to evangelize and disciple their world for Christ.

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Aim Right offers a 12-month opportunity designed to give you a chance to further develop your abilities in urban ministry. You can be making a powerful impact in the lives of people while deciding where God is leading you full-time.

Q & A with our Interns

InternshipHow does the intern program promote leadership development?
Being an intern helps you realize that you can’t just rely on others for stuff, but you have to take initiative and get things done or handled on your own. Good leaders listen to the people they are leading! That has been monumental for me—listening to what others think and not being a dictator.

What has God taught you during your time as an intern?
The biggest thing has been my dependence on God. He has just shown me that I need to give everything to Him, whether it’s little issues or big issues. Patience. This whole process is a challenge with amazing rewards.

Why should someone consider becoming an intern?
It teaches you a lot about life, taking responsibility, and puts your faith into action.

How important is it for an intern to commit to one year (vs. a few months)?
It’s important because it forces you to commit to the program, to the kids especially. You can’t establish relationships with the kids if you’re only here for a few months.

Would you like to learn more about the Ministry Intern Program? Open and read our Ministry Intern Program booklet.

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If you're interested in an internship, please e-mail us for more information Or visit our contact page. You can also download a ministry intern application form in .pdf format by clicking here.

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