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Garfield Community

Community Summary

13th and RooseveltThe Garfield neighborhood, adjacent to Phoenix's growing downtown, is one of the City's oldest. Middle class flight to the suburbs over the past few decades, particularly strong in the Phoenix area, left behind a community of increasing physical deterioration, declining economic achievement, and rising crime. During this period, the neighborhood also underwent significant demographic changes. The result is familiar to developers and police departments nationwide: a community suffering from compounding problems whose solutions proved to be beyond the capacities of any single entity.


MuralDemographic data and trends in Garfield have made the neighborhood a prime target for a new approach to community revitalization. Forty-six percent of the residents are below the poverty level threshold. The median household income is $21,953. The ethnic breakdown in the local population is primarily Latino (87.9%), with a mix of White (7.7%), African American (1.6%), and American Indian & Alaskan Native (2.1%).


MuralBefore focused community efforts, approximately 75% of neighborhood residents rented their homes. The high rental rate together with a significant number of absentee landlords resulted in a concentration of dilapidated houses, blight, and code violations within the square mile target area. More recently, the percentage of rented homes has dropped to 65% and joint efforts between police, community residents, and supporting agencies have supported a new level of community revitalization.

Community Demographics

Population Density (ppl / mile) 12,255 Annual Residential Turnover 25%
Household Size (ppl) 5 5+ Years in Residency 17%
Households w/ Children 59.49 % Median Year in Residency 2

Residential Dwellings

Percent of Residential Dwellings

Population Demographics

The population of the community broken down by age group. Population Demographics

Highest Educational Level Attained

Two-thirds of residents in the Garfield community have not graduated from high school, illustrating the importance of tutoring and mentoring programs.
Highest educational level


Income by dollar range (Median: $21,953)

Garfield District Income


The Crime Index compares the risk or probability of future occurrence of certain types of crime in this community as compared to the national average. The national average for each type of crime equals a score of 1.0, so a score of 2.0 would represent twice the risk as the national average, and a score of 0.50 would represent half the risk of the national average.

Garfield Crime

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